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  • Australasian Melanoma Conference 2018

    82 videos  |  Buy $30

    Melanoma: dynamic integration at the clinical-research interface
    Over the last two decades, the pace of discovery in melanoma research has been breathtaking, with resulting and profound advances in treatment. These developments are already significantly impacting on outcomes with a proportion o...

  • ranzcog
    11 videos  |  Buy $35


    11 videos  |  Buy $35

    RANZCOG is committed to improving access to high-quality healthcare for women, particularly in places where specialist assistance is remote. The Diploma and the Advanced Diploma are offered by the College for doctors practising in all areas of Australia to enable them to deliver high-quality heal...

  • AMS2018
    26 videos  |  Buy $750


    26 videos  |  Buy $750

    Life is all about choices and so is the management of menopause.

    National and international speakers discussed midlife choices – hormonal v non-hormonal, weight loss choices, bone preservation choices, and risk reduction choices.

    We hope you find the Congress recordings truly valuable and ...

  • HIC 2018
    92 videos  |  Buy $500

    HIC 2018

    92 videos  |  Buy $500

    HISA Australia’s digital health community invites you to be part of our 25th year anniversary celebration and view presentations from our annual conference HIC 2018 in Sydney.