• Baker Health Symposium - Health into Practice

    13 videos

    The aim of this symposium is to upskill GPs in the management of cardiovascular disease, particularly heart failure and atrial fibrillation, and diabetes management.

  • Aust Telehealth Conference 2018

    43 videos

    Australia’s premier telehealth conference ATC 2018 explored the evolving world of virtual care with the emerging focus on design thinking and co-design in healthcare. Recording proudly provided by Armchair Medical TV Leaders in Tele-education.

  • Immunisation 2018

    30 videos

    The biennial National Immunisation Conferences are the peak public health conferences in Australia with the prevention and control of vaccine preventable diseases through immunisation as their focus. Run by the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) for over 30 years.
    In 2018 the Conferen...

  • ASTLiT
    2 videos


    2 videos

    Here is a sample of presentations from the ASTLiT conference 2018. Other presentations are available from the conference website http://astlit2018.org.au/
    For more information on the Australasian Society for Tongue and Lip Ties visit http://astlit.org/

  • ACNEM 2018
    27 videos

    ACNEM 2018

    27 videos

    8th Science of Nutrition in Medicine Conference May 2018
    With living in increasingly stressful environments and advancing age, many people have multiple conditions, together with multiple and overlapping risks, triggers and perpetuating factors. Optimum health outcomes require an integrated biom...

  • Health Infomatics Conference 2018

    92 videos


  • Australasian Skin Cancer Congress

    27 videos

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