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Save thousands and thousands of dollars and get 12 months unlimited access for about the price of attending a single conference in person.

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  • Watch exactly what you want, when you want
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CPD Activities:

  • Emergency Mental Health (1 day procedural Grant Emergency Mental Health)
  • Medical Mindfulness 32 hour FPS CPD Activity
  • If you need to create a Personalised CPD course for Rural Educational Grants, choose a topic at check out.


Fine Print: This is a GP only website. You must be a GP or other approved healthcare provider to access it.

Upon registering you will immediately be sent an email containing access to a series of lectures we call "watch this first". Watching these videos will help you make the best use of this site.

Then within 24 hours, once your membership is approved, you will receive access to the full site.

You can also contact support at any time at [email protected]



 + Please note: If you are eligible for a Rural CPD education grant, let us know when you check out, so we can provide the paperwork to smooth your application and ensure your are fully reimbursed as fast as possible.

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