Patient Centred Integrated Care

Patient Centred Integrated Care

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About the Patient Centred Integrated Care: Leaders Symposium 2017
Australia’s health system is under increasing pressure to provide better quality, affordable and accessible health care.

A long term strategy is needed to:

- facilitate greater connection between primary health care and hospital care;
- offer a better patient journey for those with complex and chronic health conditions;
- leverage innovative new approaches to care and funding models; and
- provide better recognition and treatment of mental health conditions.

The Commonwealth Government is launching the widely anticipated and sometimes misunderstood Health Care Home (HCH) trial. When fully implemented, this will have a wide reaching impact on our health system and will perhaps be the biggest change in primary care since the introduction of the MBS itself.

A key aspect of this future landscape will be the focus on public / private partnerships and the role of various stakeholders such as Primary Health Networks (PHNs), Private Health Insurers (PHIs), and The Commonwealth and state jurisdictions. An anticipated outcome of these changes will be a future with a nimble and efficient health system, delivering timely and relevant services at the right price.

The Patient Centred Integrated Care: Leaders Symposium encouraged key CEOs and Senior Executives from Primary Health Networks, Local Hospital Districts, Private Health Insurers and the Commonwealth Department of Health to look at the next wave of reform and showcase opportunities for innovative and collaborative approaches to health care delivery.

This exclusive, invitation only event was co-hosted by Sonic Clinical Services Pty Ltd, Australia’s largest provider of primary care services, and the Sydney North Health Network (SNHN), one of the leading PHNs in Sydney.

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Patient Centred Integrated Care