Australasian Melanoma Conference 2018

Australasian Melanoma Conference 2018

Melanoma: dynamic integration at the clinical-research interface
Over the last two decades, the pace of discovery in melanoma research has been breathtaking, with resulting and profound advances in treatment. These developments are already significantly impacting on outcomes with a proportion of patients with widespread metastatic disease now surviving long term. In turn, these advances have revealed the next order of priorities:

* disease prevention and early detection

* gaps in the therapy landscape

* survivorship issues.

Central to addressing these will be a focus on integrating research and clinical care. This will speed the path to further improvements in patient outcomes and also illuminate the critical research questions that will be foci of future investment and effort. Via scientific and educational fora, the 2018 Australian Melanoma Conference in Melbourne, Australia, provided cutting edge insights into understanding of disease biology and the modern management of melanoma patients.

The meeting featured keynote addresses from national and international experts outlining the current research and clinical landscape of melanoma. Viewers have the opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest including diagnosis, survivorship, and the treatment of early stage and advanced disease, with particular attention to new targeted and immune therapies. The conference recordings will be of value to all who care for patients with melanoma, including primary care practitioners.

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Australasian Melanoma Conference 2018

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