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Your new bike is super quiet so you won't disturb your family, and to help you keep up to date while you exercise it comes with a unique 32 cm enlarged tablet bracket.

This bracket can support objects such as mobile phones, books, tablets, and laptops and is perfect for watching lectures from your favourite conferences on Armchairmedical.tv

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ArmchairMedical Starter kit

12 months all access on computer, mobile devices, Apple and Android Apps plus CPD journals for all 2023 conferences, plus enrolment in ACTIVE 8 promotion plus your free spin bike delivered anywhere in Australia when you first join, so you can be more effective during your exercise time. Membership renews yearly so you will always be up to date and you can cancel at any time.

1 Year ArmchairMedical Subscription

$1,488 AUD

Save time, stay healthy, learn on the Go

Eligible for ACTIVE 8 Promotion & Free Spin Bike Bike when you first join (RRP $799 AUD)

ArmchairMedical.tv Membership Includes:

ArmchairMedical.tv 12 month subscription (hundreds of conferences plus all new conferences for the life of your membership)

Emergency Mental Health RPGP Course

Paediatric Trauma RPGP Course

Medical Mindfulness Stress Reduction MH & FPS Course 

Renews yearly at $1,488 - CANCEL ANYTIME

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