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Conferences or training days.

Will your event benefit General Practitioners and their patients?

How we can help:

Promotion to a GP audience before and after the event. (more attendees for face to face, hybrid, online only and free or paid events)

Expanding the impact of the conference recordings. (free or paid events)

Filming, live streaming, editing 'pre-recorded' events and hosting in secure or non secure online or 'in app' platforms.


Co-design and development of educational activities.

How we can help:

Consultation on event structure and logistics

Promotion to a GP audience before and after the event. (more attendees for face to face and hybrid events)

Expanding the impact of the conference recordings to a new audience. (free for non-attendees or paid access for non-attendees)

Filming, live streaming, editing events.


Deliver your message using a platform your General Practice audience prefer.

How we can help:

We can take your (new or existing) recordings and deliver them on browser or purpose built streaming media apps GPs are already using.

Allow GPs to watch your content however it suits them.

Provide your audience with the options of listening to your lectures in the car like a podcast while commuting, watching them while exercising, or binge watching in their home office.

Your GP audience is ready to be educated and they expect a seamless experience.


Repurpose your existing recordings and amplify your impact.

Have you recorded an event that would be valuable for General Practitioners to learn from?

How we can help:

If you already have recordings from a previous event (or have contracted someone to record/live stream your upcoming event) we can help you increase the impact and viewership of the recordings.

Expand the impact from your legacy recordings.

Find a larger audience for your education.

Impact more lives with your education.

You’re just a few steps away from making a bigger impact with your educational event.

Discover how we can help your event or course become even more successful than it is now.

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