We all want to live in a world where nothing traumatic ever happens to children, however....

  • Injury is the leading cause of death of children aged 1 to 16 years in Australia
  • There were 686,409 injury-related hospitalisations, which equates to an age standardised injury hospitalisation rate of 1489 per 100,000 children in Australia.

  • For every severely injured child, there are at least 13 children hospitalised with minor or moderate injuries..

  • A higher proportion of injured children resided in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage.

  • The rate of hospitalised injury cases was almost twice as high for children in outer regional and remote areas as for Major cities

This Paediatric Trauma CPD Activity will help you be even better prepared for your next patient

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Topics covered in the

Paediatric Trauma: Bones, Bites and Ballistics

RACGP (12 point) and ACRRM (6 hour) CPD activity

 *** approved for one day emergency online training grant  (until December 31 2021) ***

Do your practice in a rural area? This course is also eligible for reimbursement with the HWSP and some other grants. More details below


The US have spent over $100M on concussion research, learn what they found

Hand Trauma 

Tendon damage, lacerations, nerve injuries, accidental amputations and fractures

Paediatric radiology

Buckle, greenstick, Galeazzi, Monteggia, supracondylar and much, much more

Dental Trauma

Enamel fracture, luxation, alveolar fracture, avulsed tooth and splinting and more

Common paediatric fractures 

Epiphyseal and metaphyseal distal radius, radial shaft fractures, clavicle and more

Non-accidental long bone injuries

The younger the child the more likely the fracture is abusive. What to look out for, when to be suspicious.

Head injury in kids - talking to parents

Not every injury requires an MRI, stay calm, stay safe, listen and encourage questions.

C-spine clearance in children

Context, how injuries happen, mechanism, who gets injuries, distractions, examination

Approaching the limping child

History, exam, investigations, red flags

Acute management of head injury

Primary & secondary injury, assessment ...

What happens next in child protection?

Be brave, be explicit and make a difference!

Blast injuries and young people

Let's hope you never need to know about this




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Paediatric Trauma

$475 incl GST

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HWSP Grant Eligible for approved GPs**

Approved for one day emergency online training grant  (until December 31st 2021)

Here's what you will get...

  • 12 RACGP CPD Points
  • 6 hours ACRRM PDP
  • 12 months access to all videos
  • HWSP Bursary for eligible rural GPs**
  • Computer or App access
  • Listen in the car or watch while you exercise

CPD Lectures include: 

  • Common paediatric fractures
  • Concussion
  • Paediatric radiology
  • Hand Trauma
  • Examination of the wrist
  • Dental Trauma
  • Acute management of paediatric head injury
  • Head injury in kids - talking to parents
  • C-spine clearance in children
  • Approaching the limping child and other orthopaedic mysteries
  • Blast injuries and young people
  • Non-accidental long bone injuries
  • What happens next in child protection?
  • Bonus lectures: Mass Casualty Incidents (lessons from Christchurch, Port Arthur and Banda Aceh)
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Specific Eligibility Criteria is subject to change and available on the HWSP websites. These HWSP bursaries are generally available for medical practitioners who provide services within a regional, rural or remote primary health setting. RRR settings as defined as Modified Monash Model (MMM) 3-7, ie. Practicing in or outside of a town of 50,000 residents or less. 

Exact postcode eligibility can be found here.

Note: The process for HWSP bursaries is purchase access to the masterclass, receive your receipt from us, then claim your fees back from your HWSP provider. To insure there is no Return of Service Obligations (ROSO) you should complete your education within 6 months of applying for the bursary from HWSP. Get access to the Paediatric Trauma Training here