About ArmchairMedical.tv

ArmchairMedical.tv is an online learning platform designed to make your learning easier, enjoyable and more environmentally sustainable.


ArmchairMedical.tv, established in 2013 in Sydney, Australia, emerged from a desire to revolutionise General Practice CPD. The founders questioned the traditional CPD system and embarked on a journey to create a more flexible, enjoyable, and tailored medical education platform. The vision was to break free from outdated methods and provide GPs with an adaptable learning experience designed for modern practitioners.

Working directly with some of Australia's most popular conferences we are able to deliver all the benefits of these incredible events in a format that is easier for many GPs to enjoy.

In addition we discovered that our activities could dramatically help reduce the carbon footprint of medical conferences. 

As a direct result, every year ArmchairMedical.tv donates tens of thousands of dollars in free live streaming to conferences and by providing a hybrid delegate option these conferences have the potential to reduce their carbon footprint by up to 80%.

The COVID-19 pandemic catalysed the transformation. Technological advancements and a shift in CPD requirements by medical colleges opened doors to a new era of continuing medical education.

In 2024, ArmchairMedical.tv invites GPs to embrace this change and offers a user-friendly, time-efficient, and personalised learning environment. 

We also offer Australia's favourite conferences the means to greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

The revolution has begun. The shackles of CPD have been broken.

Welcome to the new world.

Who benefits most from the new way of learning?

Which 6 groups of GPs will get most value from the new ArmchairMedical.tv?

1. GPs with young families:

  • Life¬†can be pretty hectic with a young family.
  • Traditional and institutionalized CPD takes you away from your family. Weekend conferences, dinner time webinars, hours and hours locked in your home office.
  • CPD that adapts to your changing needs such as ArmchairMedical.tv is perfect for GPs with young families.
  • Watch lectures and entire conferences anytime anywhere,¬†meaning you can focus on your family when you want, and learn when you want. (Stop attending dinner time webinars!)
  • The time saver button we've installed on every video lecture means you can watch lectures¬†in half the time¬†of watching them live. You'll get the same education as the GPs who attended in person but with less time away from your family.
  • The ArmchairMedical¬†Go¬†Apps allow you to watch or listen to the lectures anywhere, anytime, so you can schedule your learning around your family.
  • Stay home and avoid travelling to events over weekends or evenings.
  • Many GPs with young families choose to watch conferences while they are at the gym (or home gym). 30 minutes on an exercise bike allows you to watch one or two lectures per day, allowing you to keep fit and keep learning, while giving you more time with your family

2. Rural GPs:

  • You¬†need more diverse education and you don't want to travel all the time.
  • ArmchairMedical.tv is perfect for GPs¬†who¬†have chosen¬†a rural lifestyle.
  • Watch lectures and entire conferences from the comfort of home with no need to travel anywhere.
  • Watch lectures in half the time of watching live events using our time saver button.
  • Download lectures to your phone and then watch them without needing the internet.
  • Choose from hundreds of Australia's best conferences.
  • Schedule practice 'lunch and learns' and watch a lecture over lunch.
  • Staying up to date remotely has never been easier or more enjoyable.

3. GPs who want to make more use of their exercise time.

  • You¬†know the importance of regular exercise and strive to attain your 150 minutes per week.
  • ArmchairMedical.tv is perfect for GPs¬†who want¬†to keep themselves healthy.
  • The ArmchairMedical Go Apps¬†make it effortless to learn while you are on the move (with or without an internet connection)
  • 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week will allow you to hit your activity goals and watch an entire conference¬†every few weeks.

  • For a limited time, you can get a bike delivered to your home when you first join.

4. GPs with other priorities:

  • You have things to do, places to be, people to see.
  • ArmchairMedical.tv is perfect for GPs¬†who would prefer to spend less time doing CPD and more time doing something else.
  • ArmchairMedical.tv makes it easy to learn while you are already doing something that takes you away from your prefered activities.

  • Listen to lectures during your commute to work.

  • Exercise half an hour a day on a exercise bike or elliptical trainer while watching conferences on the ArmchairMedical¬†Go¬†App
  • Watch part of a lecture at lunch
  • Use the time saver button to watch in half the time of live events.
  • Stay home and avoid wasting time travelling to events.

5. GPs who have specific interests or a need to learn a broad array of topics.

  • You have unique educational needs.
  • Your practice is different to the 'average' GP.
  • ArmchairMedical.tv is perfect for GPs¬†who want more choice in what they learn.
  • Choose from¬†over 200 conferences and 6,500 lectures, there will always be something¬†that exactly suits your needs.
  • Deep dive in specific areas or skip from topic to topic for a broad understanding.
  • Stop wasting your time learning what someone else 'thinks' you need to learn.

6. GPs with clinical experience.

  • You know how frustrating it is when you start a 6 hour CPD course and the first hour is designed for 'newbies', but you still have to sit through it and get tested on it.
  • ArmchairMedical.tv is perfect for GPs¬†who already have some knowledge of the topics.
  • Watch only the sessions you need, skip entire lectures or conferences that don't interest you.
  • Use the time save button to speed through¬†information you are familiar with and then slow down when you reach new information.
  • Watch, skip or re-watch. You choose what you want to learn.

7. GPs wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Conferences are an important way to stay at the leading edge of your field, however¬†when hundreds of people travel to attend¬†conferences in person, it adds greatly to the conference's carbon footprint.

** Your membership of ArmchairMedical.tv will not only help reduce your carbon footprint, it also helps support ArmchairMedical.tv's environmental endeavours. We provide free live streaming to more than a dozen conferences per year to help them go 'hybrid' and reduce their carbon footprint.

Welcome to the revolution

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