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General Practitioners.

Attend all the conferences you want, without leaving home, and without sacrificing precious time with your family

Choose from hundreds of on demand conferences you can watch from home

Including: Paediatrics, Women's Health, Emergency Medicine, Mental Health, Diabetes, Cardiology, O&G, Finance For Medical Professionals, Sleep, Asthma, COPD, Skin, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Urology, Chronic Disease, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Chronic Pain, Bone & Mineral, Integrative Medicine, Burns, Lifestyle Medicine, Obesity, Medical Coaching, Trauma, Nutrition and much, much more...

New conferences are filmed and added all the time - so you will always be up to date.

And if a conference you want isn't on our site, let us know and we can contact the conference organisers.

You can watch more conferences this year than many GPs do in their lifetime with these three simple ideas.

Save time: Take control over the conference agenda 

You can now choose what day and time to enjoy your conferences. 

You can start and stop when you choose...

Speed up, slow down, rewind the important sections, or skip to the end of lectures

Watch one lecture per week or binge an entire conference in a weekend.

Only watch the lectures you need.

Fit your learning around your schedule not someone else's!

Save time: Choose the best playback speed

All 6,500+ conference lectures on the ArmchairMedical website are fitted with our 'time saver' button and can be played in half the time as watching the same lecture during a live webinar or conference.

A one hour lecture in real life can be enjoyed in only 30 minutes on

Learn more, in less time - use our technology to become more efficient.

Save time: Train your brain while your body is occupied

Watch or listen to your favourite conference in bite sized pieces while you exercise or commute to work.

Take advantage of the natural rhythms in your day when your body is already occupied but your mind is free.

When you think about how much time you currently spend exercising or commuting, could you swap spending weekend's at conferences, for 20-30 minutes a day?

You don't have to give up your weekends to attend conferences anymore!

ArmchairMedical conferences are online and on demand, so you don't need to travel, you don't need to spend all weekend away from your family and don't need to watch every lecture from a conference to get what you need from it.

So save your time and use ArmchairMedical, skip the travel, skip the sessions you don't need, schedule your learning to fit your lifestyle and do more of what you brings you joy.

You will watch more conferences this year than many of your colleagues will watch in a lifetime!

(without giving up your weekends or sacrificing time with your family)

Choose the ideal membership option for you

6 Month ArmchairMedical

$995/6 months

It's less than the price of attending a single conference in person

  • Great¬†Value - Watch as many conferences as you want in 6 months for less than the price of a single conference
  • Stay home, enjoy more time with your family
  • Includes¬†6¬†month All access Conference pass subscription (renews automatically, cancel anytime)
  • 200+ on demand conferences to choose from
  • 6,500 lectures
  • New conferences every month
  • Free Mindfulness Training
  • May be eligible for Rural CPD grant funding (conditions apply)
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12 Month ArmchairMedical

$1,488/12 months

Save nearly $500 per year by choosing the 12 month option

  • Great Value - Watch as many conferences a¬†year as you want¬†for the price of a single conference
  • Includes¬†12 month All access Conference pass subscription (renews automatically, cancel anytime)
  • 200+ on demand conferences
  • 6,500 lectures
  • New conferences delivered every month
  • Free Mindfulness Training
  • May be eligible for Rural CPD grant funding (conditions apply)
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