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Personalised CPD by ArmchairMedical

Learning for a new era

Time saver features allow you to learn twice as fast as 'Traditional' CPD
Swap the conference room for the gym
Swap the dinner-time webinar for listening in the car
Choose from hundreds of topics and thousands of lectures
Streamlined application for rural education grants
'Time Shifting' & 'Time Saver' technology lets you learn more and still spend even more time with your family

We will gift you the ArmchairMedical Conference Pass

 [Valued at $1,995 and free with your Personalised CPD Course]

* Attend 1 new conference per month at an equivalent of a 90% discount compared to attending in person

Enjoy a new conference every month, with hundreds to choose from
In a rural area?
Watch without an internet connection
Break free from the shackles of traditional CPD
Start your free trial now
Start your free trial

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$124/month billed annually

Plus watch a new conference each month for approximately one tenth of the price attending in person

  • Two Week Free Trial - Cancel During the Trial and Pay Nothing
  • We will create a personalised CPD course featuring approximately 18 - 25 hours of education [it's your choice what you want to learn]
  • We will teach you how to create unlimited numbers of personalised CPD courses so you can easily and effortlessly obtain all your necessary CPD
  • Spend more time with your family and less time doing CPD
  • Utilize advanced playback speed control and watch lectures in half the time
  • Download lectures to your phone or tablet for offline viewing
  • Listen to lectures while 'on the go' like Podcasts [While commuting or exercising]
  • Full agenda and Statement of Attendance to streamline rural education grant applications [Get your CPD paid for]
  • Get 12 months free access to the ArmchairMedical Conference Pass (Worth nearly $2,000)
  • Save time, save money and stay up to date
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Personalised CPD Course and Clinical Conference Pass Offer

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