Ophthalmology Masterclass for General Practitioners

Learn simple skills for differentiating what can be easily treated (even if it looks nasty) and what needs urgent referral (even if it looks OK)

ACRRM and RACGP CPD 7 hours - Scroll down for more information

It's late afternoon and a young woman comes to see you with a red eye.


Is it conjunctivitis or sight threatening keratitis?

Endophthalmitis or acute glaucoma?

Should she get a script for a topical antibiotic and go home or could she be blind in 24 hours?


 An older man comes in with a "smudge" on his eye.


Is it a pterygium or ocular surface squamous neoplasia?

A cystic naevus, pigmented SCC, melanosis or melanoma?



If it has been a few years since you last updated your eye skills, now is a perfect time for a refresher.



What you will learn in this RACGP and ACRRM CPD activity


Starting off you will watch a lecture called Eye examination made easy – a practical approach for the GP that will give you the launch pad for an effective eye examination

Then there is a comprehensive lecture on the Acute Red Eye - where in just 40 minutes you will learn a simple system for easily diagnosing and categorizing the causes of a red eye.*

* The Red Eye includes Corneal Abrasion / foreign body, Conjunctivitis (Viral, Bacterial, Allergic, Molluscum, Chlamydia), Corneal ulcer (Bacterial and Herpetic), Episcleritis and Scleritis, Acute Iritis / other uveitis, Acute Glaucoma, Endophthalmitis, Sub conjunctival heammorhage & Pre septal / orbital cellulitis 

Then you can watch lectures on Eye Emergencies, Sudden vision loss, Glaucoma for GPs


Other topics include:

Ocular Trauma,

Neuro-ophthalmic cases 

Vision impact of migraine or stroke

Diabetic ophthalmic complications

Lumps and bumps on the eyelid and ocular surface 

Periocular skin cancer diagnosis and excision management  

A GP’s guide to eye health in babies under 12 months old


What do people who've completed the activity say?

"Overall the presentations were excellent"

"Entirely relevant to my practice"

General Practitioner - Metropolitan Queensland

"The lecturers were very good, the content was appropriate and evidence based and the flow of lectures presented complimented one another"

General Practitioner - Rural New South Wales

-  Over 7 hours of 'learn at your own pace' video based education  -


If it has been a few years since you last updated your eye skills,

now is a perfect time for a refresher.

Ophthalmology Masterclass

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  • 14 RACGP CPD Points
  • 7 hours ACRRM PDP
  • 12 months access to all videos
  • HWSP Bursary for eligible rural GPs**
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